The best parts: 

  • Drafting strategies for client growth & retention
  • Fostering a fearless culture of critique 
  • Pairing the right designers to the right projects 
  • Crafting custom solutions to client's problems
  • Breaking down shifting project priorities for my team
  • Elevating design deliverables from 9’s to 10’s
  • Colluding with company leadership to work leaner
  • Pitching & winning new work (the sweetest plum)
  • Working with people who are smarter than I am

I see UX as the foundation of design and not a discipline unto itself. The philosophies of UX are truly just “good design”. Too often this field can make it seem like we are solving equations that only have a single possible answer. But design is not cold heuristic analysis and forced empathy mapping. Design is soft, messy and above-all human. The mess is why I love design and why I excel at it. I instill this humanist view of design in all work that I have the privilege of guiding towards its final execution. 

Leading a team of designers gave me this deeper understanding of my own values. I strive to live my ideal by setting my team up for success with clear, actionable, feedback and mentoring on client communication or client heavy activities such as workshops. Drawing on my experience working closely with sales on pitches and proposals, I try to impart the importance of thinking beyond the creative solution itself by helping to craft the story that sells it.